Romeo Shopping Center

Finished shopping center
The masonry company that Tony had hired to do the block and cement work on the daycare projects, was so intrigued with his approach to building and design, they asked Tony to design a shopping center they were planning to build in Romeo, Michigan. The appearance of the center was its marketing success. It filled quickly because the Black Forest Building Company (under Tony’s direction) constantly maintained and primped the shopping center while seeing to the needs of the tenants. His philosophy was and is simply understood that if he could help them be successful in their business, they, in turn, would contribute to the success in the center.Tony’s educational background often comes into play in his building projects. Construction with a curriculum is his motto. He hand-picked businesses that complimented one another. By not creating competition among the tenants, a synergy was created in the shopping center that addressed the needs of the surrounding residential community. Within a few short years, the owner of the supermarket, who was the main anchor tenant, bought the center from Bellomo and his partners as a sound investment because of its success as a thriving shopping center.All the time this large project was happening, Tony continued to do residential projects incorporating his personal sensitivity and care for his client’s personal needs in his buildings.

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