“It Takes a Community To Make a Baptismal Font”

“It Takes a Community To Make a Baptismal Font”

Baskets of bread and grapes were shared during our project, to symbolize the gathering and sharing of Christ's body and love. This was more than just a renovation for St. Daniel Catholic Community’s church. It is the marriage of architecture and the congregation, with the resulting progeny of mosaic floor tiles.

During the renovation, the faith community were invited to participate in the process. They were asked to read scripture, pick a key word meaningful to them, discuss its meaning and help carve those words in marble tiles.

The tiles were then placed on and around the font by a craftsman, to be there for all time, inviting all to come to the water often and throughout their life, returning with their children and their children’s children to remember our birth into Christ.

“As the place of worship is being formed, the parish is being reformed, breathing new life into the congregation.”

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