Complete Home Renovation

The ranch house has a sprawling 2,000 square feet of living space. The lower level has a walk out door wall and another 2,000 square feet of more living space for the creativity of its new owners to be expressed.

After a thorough inspection of the structure, understanding the bearing points and a good conversation with the new owner, several quick thumbnail sketches helped begin the “what if” process. Take the time and use talking on paper before committing to final construction drawings. Remodeling done this way will lead to a very personal end product for the persons who live there. A sensitive remodeling contractor should be an advisor, not a dictator. An open mind is one a key requirement!

The scope of work is to do a complete interior and exterior update to accommodate the lifestyle of the new owners.

Kitchen and bathrooms were a must. New main entrance, a larger garage to accommodate their vehicles and a room addition, adjacent to the existing built in pool, with a first floor laundry, bathroom and sitting area, were also priorities.

The owners have been hands on and computer savvy shoppers. Many of the unique products used are results of a keen eye for interesting design and practical economic purchases. The internet, Craig’s List, eBay and several other big box stores have been researched to make the “best choices”.

You can see our current progress below. Photos are arranged from left (before renovation) to right (most recent). We will continue to add our most recent photos as this home renovation and addition is being completed.

Front Entry

The images below show the progress of the exterior main entrance with a new front door, porch, lighting and landscaping.

img_1019_web-jpg img_2741_web-jpg img_2991_web-jpg
img_1128_web-jpg img_2930_web-jpg img_3671_web-jpg
img_2951_web-jpg img_3670_web-jpg
The interior front entry way also changed dramatically with the new front door, closet doors, base moldings, carpet, lighting fixtures and a fresh coat of paint.
img_1115_web-jpg dscn1607_web-jpg img_2729_web-jpg
img_1137_web-jpg img_2730_web-jpg

Living Room

In the living room, removing the door between the living room and hearth room opens up the home and makes it feel larger. We also changed the flooring and removed the bay window, replacing it with three new Pella windows that match the new clean, modern style.

img_1116_web-jpg dscn1595_web-jpg
img_1629_web-jpg pics_09-09-13-043_web-jpg

Hearth Room & Kitchen

There are many interesting features in this home revision. However, the gourmet kitchen, with attached eating and relaxing room with fireplace, is at the heart of this very cozy, personalized home.

Keeping the existing fireplace in tact, we added granite and new built-in cabinetry (matching the kitchen) and shelves. We also removed the existing doors between the hearth room and living room, and finished it off as an open archway.

We removed the existing windows and sliding door in the hearth room, widened the opening and installed new Pella windows and new tile flooring throughout the hearth room and kitchen. A decorative tile inlay outlines the new eating area.

img_1136_web-jpg img_1630_web-jpg dscn1623_web-jpg
img_1627_web-jpg dscn1622_web-jpg
img_1031_web-jpg img_1652_web-jpg pics_09-09-13-042_web-jpg
In the kitchen, we replaced the window over the sink, removed the existing cabinetry and counter tops and replaced them with new, custom cabinetry and granite counters. We transformed the peninsula into an island to give the room an open feel and create more space. Moving the refrigerator to the right allows for more storage and counter space. A large slab of granite is placed on the wall above the new range for a dramatic focal point and easy cleanup.
img_1113_web-jpg img_1632_web-jpg img_2758_web-jpg
img_1617_web-jpg picture-003_web-jpg pics_09-09-13-040_web-jpg
img_1140_web-jpg img_1609_web-jpg pics_09-09-13-038_web-jpg
img_1114_web-jpg dscn1427_web-jpg dscn1626_web-jpg
img_1125_web-jpg img_1633_web-jpg img_2753_web-jpg

Bedroom Suite 1

In the main master bedroom suite, we installed a frame for a larger entry door. We sealed up the existing doorway to the walk-in closet and moved the door to the right wall. We added built-ins in the existing walk-in closet and installed new closet doors. In the on-suite bathroom, we added new tile floors and grab bars in the toilet area. We reworked the existing bath frame and added a new barrier-free style corner tile shower with grab bars. Last but not least, we installed a new modern vanity and sink.

dscn1431_web-jpg dscn1588_web-jpg dscn1620_web-jpg
img img img

Bedroom Suite 2

In the second bedroom, we removed a wall and combined two rooms together. We also removed the door to the bathroom, leaving the bath accessible from the hallway only.

img_1034_web-jpg pics_09-09-13-036_web-jpg
img_1638_web-jpg dscn1591_web-jpg dscn1628_web-jpg


img_1118_web-jpg img_1999_web-jpg pics_09-09-13-022_web-jpg
img_2001_web-jpg pics_09-09-13-016_web-jpg

Garage Expansion

The new garage addition faces the front of the house instead of the side.

img_1016_web-jpg img_2233_web-jpg salon-equipment092013-006_web-jpg
img_2230_web-jpg salon-equipment092013-005_web-jpg  2014-06-27-09_21_45-img_3677_web-png


In the new rear addition will be a first floor laundry, bathroom and sitting area adjacent to the existing built in pool.

salon-equipment092013-008_web-jpg img_0988_web-jpg img_2993_web-jpg

We are proud to say this has become a team effort. Excellent craftsmanship, sensitivity to lifestyle and willingness to work together is leading to a most welcoming place to live.

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