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Providing years of quality design, craftsmanship, and services for residential and commercial construction and renovation projects in Southeast Michigan, Our award-winning, professional team will take care of it all. From residential kitchen, bath, and basement renovations, to outdoor living areas, landscaping, home additions of all sizes, and even larger commercial construction projects. We do it all.

Black Forest Building Company has been beautifying homes and yardscapes in Southeast Michigan for over 30 years, with quality craftsmanship and integrity.

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Nana's - A Growing PlaceTony’s educational background often comes into play in commercial building projects. Construction with a curriculum is his motto. By hand-picking businesses that compliment one another (not creating competition among the tenants), a synergy is created that addressed the needs of the surrounding residential community.

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling and existing one, planting a garden or developing property for a new business venture, the process is the same. You have to dream your dream. Draw your dream. Estimate the cost of your dream. Develop a plan for financing it, then strategize the stages of construction (a critical path for immediate construction and a long term plan for total implementation of the dream). Then build it!

From transit to tulips, our message is simple:   DESIGN MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

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Recent Building & Remodeling Projects

A Gazebo From The Ground Up

Gazebo From The Ground Up

One of our most recent projects included this beautiful gazebo at the end of a paved walkway. This project focused on detail and excellent craftsmanship… Click to read more.

Published 11/25/14

Complete Home RenovationComplete Home Renovation

The ranch house has a sprawling 2,000 square feet of living space. The lower level has a walk out door wall and another 2,000 square feet of more living space for the creativity of its new owners to be expressed. After a thorough inspection of the structure, understanding the bearing points and a good conversation with the new owner, several quick thumbnail sketches helped begin the “what if” process. Take the time and use talking on paper before committing to final construction drawings. Remodeling done this way will lead to a very personal end product for the persons who live there. A sensitive remodeling contractor should be an advisor, not a dictator. An open mind is one a key requirement! The scope of work is to do a complete interior and exterior update to accommodate the lifestyle of the new owners… Click to read more.

Published 10/09/13

regionalmarketplace4-28-13-feature“Artist Builder Creates Total Environments”

As an artist and builder with many hats, Anthony J. Bellomo offers his skills as a resource when asked by clients to help them with their life improvement project. He believes the entire space inside and outside the building should be considered; as “it’s all good living space”. Generally when a homeowner invites him to build a specific project, they usually have… Click to read more.

Published 04/28/13

A Room At The InnA Room At The Inn

Recently, the Black Forest Building Company was asked to renovate “A Room At The Inn”, an adult foster care facility. The owner works closely with small intimate settings to provide care in a family setting. The main focus is to meet residents’ safety and personal needs. Trust and support are important during… Click to read more.

Published 02/20/13

Kanaby Kitchen RemodelKanaby Kitchen Remodel

“Redoing our entire kitchen from the ground up was a major undertaking.  Tony Bellomo, owner of the company, saw through the entire project, staying on top of things and making sure that things were done correctly and in a timely manner.  He listened to our likes and dislikes, while guiding us through the process of finding…” Click to read more.

Published 02/14/13

Bugamelli Kitchen ReodelBugamelli Kitchen Remodel

This project focused on the heart of the Bugamelli home. This is a great example of how subtle changes in detail can have a huge impact in renovating your home within a tight budget… Click to read more.

Published 02/15/13

Tanury RemodelTanury Remodel

“Both you and your crew went beyond the call of duty with the details and inevitable problems that arise during a renovation process. From beginning to end, you promptly resolved each problem or concern with a new and improved solution…” Click to read more.

Published 01/25/12

Bagnasco AdditionBagnasco Addition

“Tony’s skills at communicating with the client, vendors, suppliers and contractors were outstanding, thus keeping my project on schedule and on budget. As you know, things often change without notice. Tony has the ability to roll with and resolve issues as they arise, again keeping us on target with the project. Upon completion of the house project and based on our being totally satisfied with the end results, Tony was awarded the landscaping contract for my home. And as expected, the design was…” Click to read more.

Published 01/15/12

Schultz AdditionSchultz Addition

“Both you and your crew went beyond the call of duty with the details and inevitable problems that arise during a renovation process. From beginning to end, you promptly resolved each problem or concern with a new and improved solution…” Click to read more.

Published 01/10/12

Bellomo AdditionBellomo Addition

Tony and Nancy’s personal space has also been adapted to their lifestyle and commitment to the needs of others. In addition to an art and music studio, they built an apartment next to their home for Nancy’s parents. Bellomo, always using himself first to try out an idea, coined the term “separate but together”. The Macomb Daily Newspaper picked up on the story and… Click to read more.

Published 01/05/12

Freeburg AdditionFreeburg Addition

This addition project involved demolition and remodeling of the existing back room, leveling out the ground and adding a walk-out on the lower level and adding large floor-to-ceiling windows and doors to enjoy the view of the beautiful lake… Click to read more.

Published 08/10/11

Romeo Shopping CenterRomeo Shopping Center

The masonry company that Tony had hired to do the block and cement work on the daycare projects, was so intrigued with his approach to building and design, they asked Tony to design a shopping center they were planning to build in Romeo, Michigan. The appearance of the center was its marketing success. It filled quickly because… Click to read more.

Published 03/05/11

Nana's - A Growing PlaceNana’s – A Growing Place

The builder/educator’s (Bellomo’s) turned their skills to childcare, a personal passion of Nancy’s. A concept drawing that Bellomo drew was placed on their bedroom dresser. Every morning they would see the drawing and it motivated them to turn their dreams into reality. The Black Forest Building Company team built Nana’s – a Growing Place, in 1991… Click to read more.

Published 03/03/11

310 Euclid Building310 Euclid Building

In 1984, Tony purchased to old Miller Brothers Creamery on Euclid Ave. in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Many of the locals still recall summer evenings eating ice cream delights at Miller Brothers. In his first major remodeling projects, he took a turn of the century gravity fed dairy and made it into… Click to read more.

Published 03/01/11